Psychic Telephone Readings

I provide a private, confidential and personal psychic telephone reading at a time that is mutually convenient to us both.

A telephone reading could be the ideal choice for you if travelling to me is too far or for any other reason you feel unable to visit me. A telephone reading is truly a service where distance is not an issue.

Your reading with me will cover problems that I feel around you, my aim is to give you clear guidance and help to move on from where you are at present.

During the psychic telephone reading I will consult with the crystal ball, tarot cards and runes which provide spiritual guidance on all or some of the following:

  • Relationship and romance
  • Work, career and financial
  • Health
  • Family Relationships and friendships
  • Life guidance
  • Or any specific question you may have

Once you have selected the reading suitable for you I will ask you to send me an up to date photograph of yourself and any other person that you may want me to look at together with dates of birth. I use the photos and your voice as my link with you.

Your psychic telephone reading lasts between 20-30 minutes depending on the option you select:

Option One - concise

20 Minuets

Option Two - In Depth

30 Minuets

If you require a telephone reading please click on the services tab then click ‘ Request a Reading’ at the top of this page for payment details.

I will contact you once payment has been made to arrange a time.